Detection of Intrathecally Synthesized Antibodies

CSF Diagnostics

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) diagnostics allows for the determination and differentiation of inflammatory processes within the central nervous system (CNS). The generally stepwise approach is mainly based on cytological investigations and protein chemistry. The interpretation of existing neurologic symptoms with the suspicion of an infection of the CNS or a chronic inflammatory process requires a reliable diagnosis based on the determination of intrathecally synthesized antibodies. Therefore, the quantitative demonstration of antibodies directed against a range of different pathogens is performed in CSF and the corresponding serum sample.

A range of SERION ELISA classic immunoassays are validated for the detection of intrathecally synthesized antibodies. To this end antibody activities against certain infectious agents in paired CSF/serum samples are measured in order to determine the CSF/serum quotient according to the scheme of Prof. Hansotto Reiber and calculate the resulting antibody index (AI). The software SERION easyCSF can be used to calculate the antibody index.

For your internal quality assurance and guideline compliant practice use our SERION ELISA AI controls.

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  • Detection of intrathecally synthesized antibodies according to the scheme of Prof. Hansotto Reiber
  • Exact quantification by use of the precise 4 parameter logistic function (4 PL)
  • Identical test systems for Serology and CSF Diagnostics
  • Different dilutions of serum and CSF samples for calculation of the antibody indices can be selected and combined at will
  • SERION ELISA AI controls for demonstration of antibody indices (AI) with SERION ELISA classic according to modern guidelines
  • Automated processing with SERION Immunomat