SERION software


  • Combination of different parameters on one microtiterplate

Different SERION ELISA classic and agile parameters can be analyzed in combination on one microtiterplate. The combined parameters can be defined in one layout and the layouts can be reused.

  • Lot-specific information

The lot-specific information of the respective quality control certificates can be transferred directly into the software using a handheld barcode scanner in order to eliminate potential errors caused by a manual entry of data.

  • Validity criteria and 4 parameter logistics function

The output of the results takes into account the validity criteria for the selected parameters and calculates both qualitative and quantitative results. The calculation of the quantitative results is based on the 4-PL method.

  • Data report

The results of the analyses are provided in different formats (e.g. Excel, .csv) and can be used in downstream analyses.

  • CE-certified Software, designed according to EU-GDPR


SERION software