Lyophilized Control Samples


SERION immunoCONTROL are lyophilized control sera, which are obtained from human origin. After reconstitution, SERION immunoCONTROL should be treated analogous to serum samples and will yield a qualitative positive result. The application of these controls has been evaluated by use in SERION ELISA classic tests. Due to the use of native serum of human origin, SERION immunoCONTROL can be used with other serological test systems, after validation by the user. Single and multi-antibody activity controls are available.


  • Flexible use with SERION ELISA classic and other test sytems *
  • Convenient storage due to lyophilization
  • Easy handling, analogues to patient samples on automates
  • Single and multi-antibody activity controls available

*after validation by the user